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Birth doula serving Greater Boston, central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire


Be empowered as you plan for this new birth

Adding a baby to your family can be one of the most joyful experiences life has to offer. Having a doula for your birth means feeling fully supported and confident as you plan your goals for this new journey.


I’m Karrie Perry, birth doula and student midwife serving families in eastern and central Massachusetts, and southern NH. I provide knowledge, guidance, and caring support throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

What is a doula?

Doulas are trained professionals who give continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to people during birth. A 2017 Cochrane review of studies including more than 15,000 people during birth shows that having a doula present for birth:

  • decreases risk of Cesarean by 39%

  • increases chance of spontaneous vaginal birth by 15%

  • decreases risk of being dissatisfied with your birth experience by 31%


Prenatal meetings: knowledge is power

Digging deeper to find out exactly what questions you need answers to before giving birth is one step towards a satisfying birth. Prenatal meetings are a time for us to connect before your birth in a meaningful way. Clients can choose from a menu of topics and evidence based knowledge that are most important to them, or are welcome to come up with their own layout for prenatals.

I also bring the option to learn techniques such as acupressure for pain relief, massage, visualizations, affirmations, movement and positioning for birth to you and your partner so that we can both support you as a team.

Families who are planning Cesarean births can share their visions and benefit from discussing the steps in a Cesarean birth, as well as making plans for a family-centered Cesarean if desired.


Share and reflect on past birth experiences.


Many couples are still processing their first birth when a second baby comes along. I hold space for clients who are looking for a better or different experience this time around. Walking alongside you, without judgement; my support is unconditional. Offering guidance can get you thinking about what you might like to do differently, and why these choices appeal to you.

Adding a new sibling is a BIG experience for any child, especially if they will be present during labor and/or birth. Visit my Resources page to download my free guide to preparing your child for baby: